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Paging Sochi - Did you use the pivot doors on your master closet?

10 years ago

Hi Sochi,

In searching for options to my master closet dilemma, I came across 2 old posts from you where you discussed using slab doors with pivot hardware on your 14' long reach-in closet. Did you finish the project? What brand of hardware did you use? Were the doors difficult to fit and install? Do you like the result?

We have an 18' long x 8' high wall in our master bedroom that used to have 3 reach-in closets with ugly mirrored doors. There was so much space wasted because the tops of the closets were hard to use due to the 80" high doors, plus space was wasted with a wall between each closet to divide them. We demo'd the old closets, and now I need doors to cover wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling the 18' long x 8' high opening. We planned to have a 4' wide piece in the middle built by our cabinet guys (shelves behind doors over drawers), with 7' wide bi-folds on each side to conceal hanging space. (The bi-folds would be rift oak slabs ordered from a door store and stained by the cab guys to match the center unit.) I have become very nervous about this plan because bi-folds don't always work well and I am nervous about our GC making the doors fit perfectly next to the cabinetry. I asked the cabinet guys about making wardrobe cabinets so we could have swing-out doors, but the quote was way out of budget. I thought you had to have either a side wall or a cabinet to mount swing-out doors, until I saw your post about pivot hardware for doors.

I saw this video showing pivot closet doors using Rixson Model 370 pivot hinges. It looks like they work well, but at over $200 per door, I am hoping you found a cheaper hardware option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rixson pivot video

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