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Should I go to Step-daughters wedding?

15 years ago

She is 25 Ive been with her father for 20 years my relationship with her has always been strained because of her violent toxic mother Although I am invited my step doesnt really want me to go because she knows her mom will find ways to hurt and bagger me and cuase a sceen I dont think my husband wants me to go He didnt say that but he didnt dispute it when I asked he just said whatever you want to do which means he doesnt care and most likely feels it would be better for everyone if I didnt go All these years I have been the bigger person the nice person the good mother and brought strength and foundation to this step daughter yet because of her mothers instability and the fact that I am only the step mom me and my children are being left out of any arrangements to include being part of the wedding like bridesmaid/groomsman I am being treated like a distant friend at best I dont want to go neither do my children But what is the right thing to do?

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