Looking for shelving ideas

15 years ago

I have a fairly large wall that I'm thinking would be good for some shelves. The left edge is a wall; the right edge is the start of a bump-out for a little feature wall. I like the contemporary look of those chunky Ikea Lack ledges and have used them in the past (actually, I planned to put them on another wall, but they just don't work visually because of their width: They'd come too close to the stairway going to the 2nd floor; the length of the large wall precludes butting two of those Lack ledges up against each other).

I also am starting to peruse magazines, books and the Web for other contemporary looking ideas. These shelves would hold glass frames and glass paperweights and other knick-knacks, but no books (those are elsewhere in the house).

Have you come across any plans for doing the invisible-mount Lack-type ledges on the Web? Or anything else that might be of interest to someone who likes modern styling? (that is, without decorative edges, fanciful brackets and the like) I also plan to engage the creativity of a good woodworker, but I'd like to point him/her in a direction.


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