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I really dislike stepkids!!!

15 years ago

I have lived through raising one son now 28 and doing great , 2 stepsons, got them through 2 divorces etc., finally divorced their dad amicably, still friends to this day, but this stepdaughter takes the cake. Her father and I have been partners for going on 4 years. When we met his 18 year old daughter was already away at college. I realized along time ago he really had sent her away on a long extended vacation. He financed everything right up to her 2 DUI's. We never saw transcripts, she pretty much flunked her classes. I have a personal money gram card from sending money weekly. She got accepted at a 4 year college on her father's credit report that costs upwards of 32,000 a year, and her father moved her home for the swummer. It has been one week and the house is totaly destroyed. The formal dining room, the front room coffee table coverd in glasses and sticky plates. Upstairs is totally trashed . Your feet stick to the floor in the kitchen, pot on stove with leftover food from 2 days ago, when she cooks if something falls on the floor it just stays there. Stays up all night, sleeps all day. Last straw was last night, she came home after eating dinner at a neighbors and immediatly started whining about how bored she was. I said why don't you get a job. Went over like a T in the punch bowl. I had a major row with her dad this morning over all of it. He has told her to clean the house and I know where this is going, I will be the one to blame. I have told her father she is in dire need of therapy. He thinks she is fine. Thank god I have my options, my mother's house, my own house, better yet in another state. Her father assures me she will be gone in a few weeks. That is not an answer in my book.

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