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Big Vase Project

15 years ago

Okay  well I finally finished the big project that IÂve been alluding to, and just uploaded the pictures.

This is how it started - Got the vase (actually got 2) at Habitat for Humanity. It was very lightweightÂa plastic-sort of material over fiberglass. It was cracked and chipped off in several places, so I took one of the vases and started trying to get all the black plastic-like coating off of it (wanted a stable base to attach the tesserae).

After much chipping and breaking and replacing of various utensils/tools, I finally gave up, and took the other vase and decided to concrete over it. Used the chicken wire method, and stuffed newpaper between the vase and the chicken wire.

Then coated the whole thing with a cement mixture.

Decided that I didnÂt like the shape of it  thought it looked like a giant bowling pin, so I added more chicken wire and newspaper, and shaped the top a little different. Would have liked to be a little more creative, but thatÂs the best I came up with, and after much debate and procrastination with myself, finally decided to go with it.

Well, actually, there was a lot more procrastination as I settled on a design. I finally decided on a beginning - with a wavy line around the middle, then that led to the diamond shapes  all drawn on the base in black marker. Next I placed all the glass globs on the lines, then filled it in! I had already decided on the dishes to use, and had been breaking them, sorting them and setting them aside for awhile.

Near the end, I changed the design at the top a little, and had to pop off some of the glass globs to re-do it.

ItÂs almost 5 feet tall, and 70 inches around at the base.

Here it is  finished and in place. oh, and there are more pictures in my album - under a sub album called Big Vase Project.

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