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Best replacement windows in MN??

9 years ago

We are needing to replace all 13 windows in our 15 year old home and would appreciate any help or advise.

I have been researching for over 6 months what manufactures are the best and which ones to steer clear of. I have also gotten a bid from Soft-lite and liked the windows very much but I can not pay $18,000 for 13 windows. That price seems crazy. The quote was for the Soft-lite Imperial LT dual pane window.

So now we would like to have a contractor we know and trust do the installation. But here in Minnesota it seems like we are limited on the windows that are available. I have read a lot of the feedback on the good vinyl or fiberglass window manufactures but many of them I can't find a place to purchase here in MN.

Ultimately we are looking for dual pane, vinyl or fiberglass windows with the lowest U-factor. Does anyone have any advice on what are our best options for windows here in Minnesota? Or where my contractor could get good windows?

Thank you all for you help and time!

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