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Venting...not really SF related

13 years ago

My DD has never been dry at night.

She was a late potty-trainer to begin with---she was 2 months past turning 3 when she finally started being able to wear underwear and stay dry.

She has also had constipation issues since she was a baby, and, actually, I think there is some genetic component because I remember her dad's other DD having the SAME issues. Both of them would get beet red and scream and cry and strain. DD had these issues up until about 6 yrs old---she had to take an adult dose of Miralax daily, and still, she would hold her poops in, get massively impacted, and then, I kid you not, she would have baseball-sized balls of poop come out.


She had something called encopresis (sp?) which is where the poop gets so impacted and then it leaks out around the impaction.

So, so frustrating---the worst was how much pain she would be in. :(

Anyway, thankfully, she has been off Miralax and just fine for about a year now---seems like she has outgrown those issues.

BUT---she still has major issues w/bedwetting. She has never been able to stay dry at night. DH also thinks that when she pees, it sounds funny, like it dribbles out as opposed to a full stream. (he has just recently pointed this out to me.)

Anyway, we do everything---limit fluids after 6 pm, she goes potty before bed, I wake her up around 10-11 pm again to go to the bathroom, bedwetting alarm, etc. Nothing works. She wakes up soaked every single AM.

Her pediatrician has always said it would warrant further investigation around 7-8 years of age, depending on the genetic factor. Kids that have a parent that wet the bed are something like 50% more likely to do so themselves.

Well, I was dry at a very early age, so was my brother---and there is just no other history of bedwetting that anyone on my side of the family can think of.

But I don't know about bio-dad or any of his family at all.

So--before I decided to drag DD to a pediatric urologist, I decided to contact bio-dad and see what info. he could provide.

So I called him about 3 weeks ago, the same old cell number he has always had and, sure enough, got a recorded message w/his name, it's still his number; I left him a voicemail explaining the situation and asking him to either call or email w/the answer. Any history of bedwetting in his family?

No reply.

So I made the appt. for DD and it is this coming wednesday. So I decided last Friday to give it one more shot to contact him before having her go through all this testing at the urologist's---only this time I emailed him and asked him to respond via email, text, voicemail, whatever.


What a jerk! I am so annoyed! I feel like for all I know about his family/medical history, I might as well have adopted DD!

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