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MOM's Aussie Ginger Beer Recipe

18 years ago

I had hoped that somewhere online I could find an old-fashioned ginger beer recipe that was similar to the recipe that I have brewed these last few years, the one that I just posted to the forum here. Copy and pasting is soooo much easier than pecking but, darned it, I couldn't find a single recipe like mine, or even one that wasn't overly complicated with specialty ingredients.

What I did find on my search, though, was a recipe for an Australian ginger beer that was buried in the Mother Earth News archives. It sounds like a real winner for people who are up to the task, and perfect for someone, such as myself, that enjoys a little bit of kitchen alchemy.

After pecking out my old-fashioned ginger beer recipe it is such a pleasure to simply do this:

Per their recipe; in case you don't already know, unsulfared sultanas are available at pretty much any health food store that offers items in bulk. Grocery store sultanas are almost always sulfared to impede the growth of yeast. Also, I would use fresh grated ginger but, if you opt for powdered then that would be found fresher and cheaper at a good health food store, too.

If anybody tries this recipe out before I do then please let me know how it goes for you.

I hope you all have a great new years!



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