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Advice to new step-parents

16 years ago

I wish there would have been a list of DO's and Dont's when I began my step-parent journey. I thought we could all compile some of our hard earned education in one post. I definitely am looking forward to learning something new. I'll start:

1. Particulary if the children don't live with you full time, don't put yourself in the position of disciplinarian. Form your relationship first and leave the "parenting" to the bio-parent.

2. Choose your baattles, and let the small stuff roll off your back.

3. Include SK's in family routines as soon as possible. Have family dinners and establish family rituals, but also begin to include them in family responsibilities such as room cleaning ect.

4. Don't allow the Sk's to think visits to your home have to always be a vacation. Don't feel the need to constantly entertain or spend gobs of money. Have fun but make it clear this is their home and they aer not "guests", but fully operational family members.

5. Allow SK's to spend alone time with thier bio parent. It is a great break for you and the kids will appreciate it.

OK, who has some stuff to add? I know you all have knowledge to share!

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