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Commercial Trellis Photos

My dream is to squeeze as many grapevines as I can into my Homeowner Association controlled golf course home. I have a nice area in the side yard, North/South. I live in the desert, and the only thing that grows here is Thompson or Flame Seedless.

Soooooo We bought 2 Flame and 1 Perlite at HD. Then we drove over to the commercial growers here in the Coachella Valley.

Their trellis amazed me. Max! 3.5 feet high. While I took pictures, I noticed these baby grapes growing next to the old ones. What did I do? You KNOW what I did. I now have 3 rooted cuttings, and they are planted and looking perky!! Bring on the homemade jug wine!!

I don't know how to post pictures, but I'm going to try. Please note the cross bar on the main post. That cross bar has like 4 wires so the vines can spread out for easy picking. They are short, but all the energy here goes into the grapes. Not the vine!

This is how they attach the wires to the main post:

Drip system in place: