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clean post wedding night advice for virgin

17 years ago

I want this to be a clean post, but I need advice for my wedding night. I am a virgin, but my fiance is not. We had the talk about our wedding night and I said what I thought was obvious, that she would have to teach me some things about what she liked and what to do and not to do etc...She informed me that she didn't want to teach me anything, that I needed to ask my guy friends how things are done. I told her that I was pretty sure every girl was different and that what works for their wives may not work for her, but she inists that most girls like the same things and there is no way she is going to talk about specifics. What do I do? I don't know the first thing about making love, and she already has a set of expectations from previous relationships, and now she won't even share with me how to do things? Anyone advice would be appreciated. I'm not looking for details on how to perform, I just want to know how to handle her and convince her to open up and help me out.

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