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Charity Registry

15 years ago

Okay, so we've only been engaged a month, and we're not getting married for another two years, but people are already asking about our registry!! We haven't one.

By the time we get married, we'll have lived together for two years--and we are so fortunate to have already the things we need. Everything that's typically found on a registry (kitchen stuff, dishes, towels, sheets, etc.), we've already accumulated. We're really not comfortable registering for the "frivolous" things (DVDs, craft materials, music, etc.), so we were considering "registering" for charities.

The last thing we want to do is to usurp our guests' generosity, and we in no way want to dictate to them what we would prefer they buy with their money. I know it's not polite to even mention gifts anywhere near an invitation, but people are already asking, and I think nowadays, most guests prefer the convenience of a registry. (I know I'm always lost if I don't know where a couple has registered...)

Is there a way to politely, and humbly, ask our guests to make a charitable donation rather than spend money on a gift we don't need or wouldn't use? Or should we just graciously let the extra towels and trivets roll in?

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