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questions about my daughter's wedding

15 years ago


My baby girl is FINALLY getting married in the summer of 09. I am really excited for her. So with all the planning we have to do. I asked her who her maid of honor was going to be? Well, she is undecided. She was talking to her cousin about this and her cousin suggested that she ask me (I'm her mom). We both didn't think we could do that because we've never heard of a mother being the maid of honer before. So after talking to my daughter about this today I thought it would be a good idea to see what others thought about this. Because I am her mother. But she said that I really am her best friend and that's who is suppose to be by her side. (aaaaahhhh) yeah I know, makes you want to cry. Trust me when she was little she was NOT my best friend! now that she's grown up she really is a best friend. We talk about everything and are extreamly close. So, should I sit on the side lines with her father and do my crying? Or, should I tell her that I would be thrilled to be her maid of honor and cry right along side her? Oh, and she has another question! Wants to know if her mother and father can give her away together?

Thanks for your help, I'm sure I will probably have more questions at some


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