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HELP! My Daughter's Wedding & My Finance's family

15 years ago

I've read through 75% of the postings and gotten varying opinions that may or may not match to my situation so I'll post a new thread.

My oldest daughter (first marriage) is getting married in April of this year (2008). Just last week, my ex-wife told my kids that she does not want my finance or her kids at my oldest daughter's wedding.

Background - I've been divorced for 8 years now and finally met the woman that I'd like to spend the rest of my life with as well as start a new "integrated" family. With my first marriage, I have 3 daughters and my finance, who I am living with, has 2 kids (one boy and one girl). My ex-wife has not met my finance or her family but my kids from the first marriage have known about my relationship for the past year and have met them several times on family occasions.

Input Requested: What is the "proper" etiquette and how can I build a new family consisting of my 3 daughters and 2 step kids if I exclude them from this wedding? What to Do??

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