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father of the groom toast

16 years ago

Our son is getting married in 3 weeks. It is a rather elaborate affair and we have been left out of most of it.

The bride wanted to plan her own rehearsal dinner so we wrote a check. We have been unable to develop a warm relationship with this girl despite knowing her 3 years. You could describe it as polite but emotionally distant. She simply does not seem interested in our family. We are quite sad our son is marrying this girl. I know that they expect the father of the groom to give a toast at some point, either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception or both. My husband is not much of a speaker and doesn't want to be all phony about it and say things we don't feel. Any suggestions for toasts that don't say how happy we are to have her in the family, how we love our daughter-in-law and are glad our son chose her? Just something polite and non offensive is what we'd like.

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