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Destination Wedding

16 years ago

Hi My name is Rene and I just found this forum trying to find examples on save the date letters.

I too am having a destination wedding on a Caribbean Cruise. I am from Idaho and my Fiance is from New Jersey. I have a small poor family and Dan has a large fairly well to do family. We are living in Washington St. We have been engaged since last November and for the life of us couldn't come up with any idea for where to have the wedding. We couldn't have it here because my Fiancee's parents wont fly. Along with a lot of his other family. So we started to plan it in New Jersey. and then found out that there was over 200 hundred guests from my Fiancee's fam on the list to be invited. 4 people in my family would have been able to attend. Then we came up with the Cruise wedding. This way we are having it in nuetral territory. In the middle of the sea. Problem now is I have to invite a lot of people. Which does not bother me at all, the more the merrier. But how do I get all this info out? The wedding isn't until over a year away. I have already booked the wedding and my cruise along with my parents and my Fiancee's parents. Should I send out a save the date letter containing all the info, prices, location, dates, etc. ? And then about 6 months down the road send out a Formal Invitation to everyone. I know a lot of people will not be able to attend of course but I still think it would be nice if everyone was invited. People who I never thought in a million years are saying they want to go!!! We are also having an informal reception in Idaho and in NJ in the following months of the Cruise. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rene

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