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Ceremony and Reception at different locations?

15 years ago

Hey all, I'm new here, and kind of lost as to what to do about my wedding planning! My husband-to-be and I are from two different areas of Texas, and some of his family have gone as far as illinois. We both have VERY large families. Some from all over are planning to attend, while others, due to travel, cannot.

So as not to cut anyone out entirely, we considered having the ceremony at one location, and a reception at another. The ceremony location is about an hour from most of his family, and four hours from my own. We considered having a reception a day or two later, near my home town (but that's four hours off!) -- with all the guests still invited. Would this be too much hassle for the out of state guests who had to come so far for a pitstop (wedding) and then continue travelling (for the reception)?

Or should I merely hold two receptions? I know a lot of my family cannot afford to drive hours away and put themselves up for a night for the ceremony, but I want to still include them. We are on a budget though! So if two receptions is the proper thing, would it be tacky to do a backyard barbeque sort of thing after the elaborate wedding in the grooms hometown, and then have an elaborate reception back in my hometown so that those unable to attend my wedding can attend a reception?

I just feel like my family is getting kind of left out. Far off relations of his are out of state, but these are my siblings and aunts and grandparents that are unable to travel. Would it be hateful to have different levels of "snazz" for different receptions? Afterall, I'm not exactly sure how to invite his family to "their" reception, and my family to "ours"! What would I do with my family that came to the wedding? Would they merely attend both or be left out of the later reception?

arg! Any suggestions, whether stated here or of your own thoughts, are really, really appreciated! Thank you.


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