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Extended Ceremony!

18 years ago

For my wedding, i would really like to extend my ceremony a bit... i kind of dislike the short 'get it over with so we can party' kind of ceremony and really have been putting some thought into mine. here's what i have so far...

prelude - greensleeves played by a good friend on her flute


Welcome to our guests

A special message for our parents

A song sung by one of my bridesmaids for us

our exchange of vows



does anyone have any other ideas for how we can make it a few minutes longer and a little more special? i was thinking that maybe someone could read a poem or something... since all of our guests aren't invited to our small reception, i really wanted to make it worth their while to come to our ceremony... we're also going to have a receiving line outside the church and we're going to ring the church bells...

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