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Please Hurry Up and Eat So That The Real Guests Can Arrive!

15 years ago

I attended a wedding yesterday. I am still shaking my head in disbelief over what transpired and would like to share my experience with you all. The bride is a friend.

I received my email invitation to the event six weeks ago. It stated that the wedding was to begin at 5:00 in the evening, and the reception would immediately follow. There was no mention of dress so I opted for cocktail wear. My friend, who was also attending the wedding, opted for the same type of dress. There was no mention on the invite to bring a date so we both decided to drive to the event together.

We were confused about where to go when we entered the hall. My friend asked where the ceremony would be held, and we were told to sit at any table where there wasn't a "reserved" sign. We then got the impression that the ceremony was going to be held somewhere in the reception hall. We still did not know where. We sat down at a empty table and two people, who we did not know, joined us. We did not know a soul there other than the bride, groom and a few of her relatives.

As for our dress, we felt very uncomfortable as most of the guests came in jeans and tee shirts.

Promptly at 5:00, with people still walking in, the bridal party ran, yes ran down the middle of the room to where the dance floor was located to start the ceremony. There was band equipment set up but no music, which I thought rather strange. We were then informed by one of the bride's relatives that the music would begin at 9:00 in the evening. Again, very strange since it was only 5:00 now.

The ceremony itself was very odd. The "highlight" was when the groom's children got up and made the couple vow "to never have any more children" or "to never curse again while watching football". These were children in their 20's. When the ceremony was over, the couple again ran down the middle of the hall to their table. There was no receiving line. In fact, the bride and groom never came over to our table at all. We weren't alone; people were ignored. We did try to talk to the couple, but all we got was a wave from the bride.

At 5:30 p.m., someone yelled out for everyone to please get their food now. Drinks were available but you had to pay for them. The food was good and was made by the couple's relatives and close friends. After eating, the couple at our table was told by the bride's mother to pick up their things and go to another table. So, now at a table for ten,there were two.

At 6:00, someone again shouted that the bride and groom were going to cut the cake. By 6:30, everyone was done and sitting around. No first dance, no toast, no flower or garter toss, nothing.

We then found out that there was another reception for the couple about to happen at 9:00 where the real party would begin.

My friend and I were flabbergasted. At 6:45, we got up and left. I feel like taking my wedding gift back.

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