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When you DON'T want your child to marry !

18 years ago

Help. My daughter announced yesterday she is getting married. I am NOT happy. How do I handle my feelings? Do I tell her the truth? Do I keep my mouth shut?

My concern is that she's a senior in college, engaged to another senior--her 1st and only boyfriend (together 3 years). She's too young!! She has great aspirations for her career and we've invested mightily in it. Her boyfriend and she have the same major and are somewhat competitive with each other. He gets jealous of her talent and tends NOT to support her, often downplaying her awards and belittling her dreams for the future. She has this fantasy picture of married life and I think she's "settling" because she feels this guy is the best she can do. She has not seemed all that keen on him for the last 2 years and I'm very dissappointed that she's making this leap. He gave her a ring on her 21st birthday and I can't help but feel he was just trying to do something nice as a gift. It seems so impulsive. She was ready to break up with him 2 months ago! So far I have played the supportive mom, "Whatever makes you happy, honey", but inside I'm cringing. Has enybody been through this?

Thanks for any advice out there!

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