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anyone sending save the date cards?

18 years ago

ahhhhhh! this wedding stuff is so stressful.

i wanted to send save the date cards, but i have no idea when to send them. my wedding is june third, 06. i was thinking of sending them in january, when everyone is getting their new calendars so they could go ahead and mark it, but my mom said that that may be to soon to send them. anyone know when is the proper time to send the save the date cards?

also, i was thinking of ordering my invites and save the dates all toghether because if your order is over two hundred dollars you get a discount and i'm going to have to buy all the stuff anyway so why not get the discount while i'm at it. but what if something changes and we have to move the wedding date... then i'd be up the creek... do you guys thing that the risk is worth the twenty percent discount? or should i just play it safe?

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