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Help..I'm about to send out the save the date letters

16 years ago

I know..this has probably been asked before but I am going to ask anyway...

Before I jump in head first I need some help...

I have the Save the Date letters ready. The top of the letter says save the date with our names, date and location. (this is a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta)

The body of the letter explains our decision to have a "familymoon" and gives some hotel information, estimated costs, travel agent and passport information. The end of the letter says thank you, we hope you can make it, etc. I am also going to include some information on the hotel.

My question is...Do we need to send this much information to EVERY SINGLE person? We will have a reception here when we come back to include those that can't make it.

The thing is, I feel kind of weird sending all that information to all of these people who I know can't come to the wedding. I know we have co-workers we would invite to the wedding and reception if it were here, but I know they wouldn't come to Puerto Vallarta with us.

Should I just send this initial information to our closest friends and family now and just send the regular invites to everyone 6 weeks prior?

I am totally overwhelmed with this decision. It seems like a lot of information to send when it may not be necessary.

Thanks for your help.

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