Wedding Poem


I need a poem from the mother of the bride to the mother of the groom.

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What kind of poem are you looking for?

A welcome to the family, we love your son and are hoping to make you members of the clan type poem?

Cough up more money for the reception type poem?

Stop adding guests to the guest list type poem?

Keep your fingers out of the reception arrangements type poem?

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Wow. That sounds like way too much pressure! My ex and I (who have an amiable relationship) were asked by our DIL to write and provide a toast during their wedding reception. We were asked to do so at the start of the two days of festivities prior to the ceremony. It stressed me out thinking about it. So don't be me and let THAT happen.

So.......Does it have to be an actual poem? Do you have to read it in front of everyone at the reception? Or is it going to be written down and handed out as part of a program or something like that?

I think I liked it better when all I was asked to do was write a check!

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Why? A poem? What for?

Are the couple asking you to do this? Or is it your idea?

It's certainly not any sort of wedding tradition that I've heard of. If my son asked me to write a poem to his future MIL, I'd laugh at him, and refuse. I think his future MIL would find it both strange and puzzling, too.

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I'm with mary c on this one. Why would you make either one of the mothers recite a poem to each other. Sounds weird to me. I'd pass. NancyLouise

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