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wedding lingerie help

18 years ago

Sorry, I cross-posetd on the beauty/fashion forum as well ... these forums are great!

I'm getting married in June and will be wearing a strapless gown. When I was at the bridal salon for my second fitting the seamstress suggested that I consider a boned corset beneath the gown. She showed me a beautiful silk/satin brocade corset with attached garters that I tried on and all I can say is WOW! I'm a 6-8, 38C (I'm still trying to lose some weight/inches before the big day). It certaintly enhanced my natural waist and looked very sexy. My sister-in-law who is my maid of honor really seemed to love the look. My question is just how comfortable would it be to wear for an extended period? I'd really like to wear the same lingerie under my travel clothes (at the end of the reception we'll be taking a quick flight to an intermediate location before our honeymoon) I'm wondering about setting off the security sensors!! I've worn thigh-highs before but never gartered stockings so this would be a first as well. One last do/don't question, I've worn an ankle bracelet and was wondering if I should just remove it for the ceremony since I'm wearing an ankle-strap pump ... any thoughts?



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