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Wedding centrepiece suggestions for June wedding

19 years ago

I am getting married on June 24, and my "plan" is to have small alpine containers on the tables as centrepieces. I tried making some hypertufa containers, they looked okay as far as troughs goes, but I decided not really suitable for the Banff Springs (kinda fancy)...the maitre d' might have a heart attack as I pushed them into the reception hall. Plus they would be very heavy.

So, I bought some teracotta looking plastic round shallowish containers (don't sound much better, but trust me they look fine)

Anyway, I am looking for suggestions on

1. When to plant (I was told early May - essentially soon!)

2. Suggestions on plants that will look good together (i am considering "theme" containers or colour, or whatever, really, even making them all the same)

Also, I might have to "overplant" to make the trough seem full - any comments?

Ideally there would be at least some (perhaps half?) of the plants blooming at the end of June.

3. Soil type ) I have read things like peat/sawdust/soil and scoria/sand/perlite/peat. Any tips?

4. Any suggestions on type of mulch? I was thinking just that forestry grit that I have in my tufa garden as it would complement the teracotta containers.

5. Once I have planted the containers, do I leave them outside, outside in a cold frame...? (sorry, I'm a novice) Note that I"m in Alberta and we may have snow up to and including the wedding.

Any other suggestions are appreciated! Thanks to anyone to make my wedding day beautiful and help to incorporate my interest in alpine plants!


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