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Irreconcilable Differences?

18 years ago

Did I even spell it right?

Okay: Second wedding for both parties. Both are mid forty-ish, with grown children. Bride wants a small but elegant evening church wedding with candlelight, live music such as a harp, organ or violin. She in a formal dress, no veil, he in black tie. She envisions a receiving line, dinner reception with a DJ, but music appropriate to their age - no Hip Hop, Rap, etc. Simple but classy. Romantic on a small scale.

Groom wants a totally private wedding, got to be daytime, maybe Las Vegas or destination. The local park is fine with him. No dressy clothes, no dinner (maybe a barbeque), no dancing. He's thinking very budget and nothing that puts him up in front of people because he will be uncomfortable.

To add to the complications: they are both divorced, so no Catholic wedding. He wants a civil ceremony, she wants a religious one, in any type of denomination. Both are Catholic, but to "lesser degrees". (Please, Catholics out there, don't flame me for that one, I'm just trying to describe what they are telling me.)

No wonder they have been engaged for 9 years! Does anybody have any ideas?

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