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Introducing Parents....

17 years ago

We are having only 32 or so people at our wedding, but alot of them will not know each other. Even our parents will be meeting for the first time. (Live on opposite coasts) So I thought when everybody first arrives I'd have beverages and Hors D'Oeuvres set up so we can make introductions and chat awhile before the ceremony. But eventually we will have to leave to change into tux and gown. How long should I plan for that initial chat time before we leave them on their own?

Or should we have the families arrive early, and give them time alone together, before everybody else arrives? Still, how much time alone? (But I'm thinking other people being there might help along with any awkward moments.)

What do you all think?

That will be the most anxious time of the entire day for me, I'm dreading it.

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