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Strange Wedding Question

15 years ago

Some of you who have read my post before will know this, but for those of you who dont.....

My fiance and I decided to use the money that my parents would have spent on a big wedding, and put it towards building our house. We plan on getting married right as the house is finishing up being built. We are going to do a small immediate family only ceremony. But we were planning on having a huge "We Got Married / New House Warming" party at our new house with catered food, open bar w/ bartender and possibly even a live band. Very laid-back, casual party with everyone we know being invited.

So here's the question- should we do a wedding registery? I dont know if we should register for gifts since its going to be so casual. I am torn on whether or not to do it.

The only person I have talked to about it is my mom. She doesnt think I should because she thinks it might be "tacky" to register for such a low-key event. But then she threw in a comment about how she has sent presents to weddings she didnt even attend. So now she's giving me mixed signals.

We are getting married. There will be a reception. Its just going to be a super laid back party that's tied in with our house warming at the same time. What's a girl to do?!

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