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my bf's kids strongly dislike me

14 years ago

I need some advice and help. I have 2 kids of my own from a previous marriage. My bf has 3 kids from a previous marriage we both have full sole custody. My bf's kids mother is a drug user and hasn't see her kids in awhile and has blaintly chosen her addiction over rehab and being in her 3 beautiful children's lives. I am a home-school teacher and run an in home daycare. I love kids it is my passion. All my daycare kids and my own kids adore me. I am very strict and structured. I have to be i have 6 adopted kids that live in my home plus my own 2. My bf's kids have been giving me and extremely hard time. The 3 yr old will poop and pees his pants on purpose. the 5 yr old does the same and screams and calls me a mother f****er when i put her in the corner. The six year old has vandalized things in my house on over 6 occasions in a month period.My bf has a very tough time with enabling them, making them exceptions to rules, i know its bc he blames himself for there mother not being around. I love my bf, and i love kids but i need to find out what stance i should take. sit back and let him do all parenting even though he wants me to participate. hang in there, and get ready for a bummpy ride? any feedback i would very much appreciate!

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