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I'm new! Pics of my 1928 bungalow

12 years ago

Hi everyone!! I've been reading some past posts on this forum regarding bungalows and I decided I should throw my pictures out there in case anyone is interested.

Little background on me: DH and I have been married for 3.5 years and bought our first house 3 years ago. We live in Eastern PA, about 1 hr north of Philly. I've been on the GW forums for nearly 3 years as well, mostly the cottage garden forum and more recently the kitchen forum.

We're completely gutting and renovating our kitchen including removing a load bearing wall that separated the existing kitchen and the 5' wide sun porch to make a larger eat-in kitchen.

I can't remember the square footage, I think it's about 1200 +/-. The house was built in the 1920's (the RE listing said 1928) by the father of the woman we bought it from (I actually went to school with her grandson and my grandmother lives across the street 3 doors up in the house that my grandfather built, next door to the house she grew up in). I know it wasn't a "kit" house and they were not a wealthy family at all but I beleive the house has some of the characteristics of an Arts and Crafts Bungalow.

In my backyard is a cement factory/quarry and that's where over half the town worked back then. Other then the thick stained moulding the house doesn't have a ton of A&C characteristics, no fireplaces, built-ins or niches. The owners weren't the best at keeping up the property, just cutting the grass and trimming the hedges really. DH and I have mostly just been working on the landscaping the past few years but now we're starting to tackle some of the bigger projects (the kitchen is #1, and we're DIY-ing everything except the cabinets. More on that project below).

There are from the real estate listing

Back of the house. The old sun porch is the area to the right on this picture with the wall of windows. we had to remove the windows to raise them up about 1 foot so we can build the banquette seating so we put in casement style windows that still have the same width as what was there.

And the only good shot I have of the original floors that we stained and finished to match the existing stain on the trim.

The thick wood trim is around all of the doors/windows/baseboard on the whole first floor.

I LOVE it!

Upstairs we have 3 small bedrooms (like 7'x10' with sloped ceilings) and a loft type area. It's sort of hard to explain and I don't have any pictures. We use it as attic storage mostly.

Downstairs the living room is on the left and our bedroom is on the right when looking at the front of the house. the living room is something like 10'x12' and the bedroom is about the same. we have 1 small bathroom and there's also what could be a 5th bedroom downstairs but we use it as a computer room and hopefully some day a nursery. The kitchen will now be about 12' x 20' and the biggest room in the house. We have an unfinished basement that is all storage and the oil burner/water heater and laundry room.

In trying to stay true to the house style (within reason) I want to have a built in banquette area for the kitchen table, the cabinets will all be beaded inset, stained cinammon. All of the trim removed from the kitchen will be replaced and stained to match the wood in the rest of the house. We're doing a locally quarried slate floor (black like school chalkboards) and granite counters to keep with the natural materials,

Since the kitchen project involved new windows, and the replacement windows that were used on this house 10+years ago were not sealed properly, we're probably going to be replacing all of the windows in the house with new construction windows over the course of the next few months (after the kitchen is done) and also insulating from the outside and adding new sheathing and house wrap. DH wants to use paintable fiber cement siding so I'm going to have to come up with a color scheme in the coming months. I would love to do the shingle look on the gable ends on the sides of the house and in the little hut type areas (not sure what they're called?...the bumpouts on the 2nd floor in the front and back)and I'd love to do a wide trim around the windows in a different color then the siding. So I'm not sure if I should do the shingle look in a 3rd color, or have it match the rest of the siding or the trim. I've got some time to think about that I suppose.

Well I think those are the highlights of my house. Thoughts, suggestions, comments are always welcome :)

Thanks for looking!

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