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Should I take windows offered? Ideas?

I have an opportunity to take some windows from a local business. They're wood-framed and they're probably about 42" wide and 50" long. No caming in them. They're the old glass, but to me they didn't look any different from today's glass. Of course, they were covered in dust and in a dark basement when we looked at them in a stack. He originally wanted $100 for about 20 of them, there are some smaller sizes too. I didn't have that money at the time, especially since I wasn't sure what I'd do with them, but now he's offering them to me free! Should I take them?

Any ideas for these windows other than making tables out of them or placing them in a wall (I've done both)?

If I don't take them, they're placing them on Freecycle, but they were giving me first choice. I hate to let them go even though I have no place to store them without them being in my way, but if I can come up with some good ideas, maybe I will take them. I'd love to make a greenhouse out of them.

Wish I had a pic to post. Thanks everyone!!


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