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have been offered a bunch of old paned windows..need ideas.....

18 years ago

I am going to use one on a porch with pictures behind the glass panes.....kindof shabby chic looking. And thought it might be fun to make a coffee table out of one, if I can figure out how to make a box underneath to hold some stuff to "view".....and put legs on it.

Just wondered if anyone had other ideas???

THe lady that gave them to me has been collecting them to paint on, but is no longer able to. And I am NOT a something else would work.

Just figured this site would have some people with creative ideas!


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  • tradewind_64
    18 years ago

    Julie, what an awesome score. At antique stores, I have seen some old windows where instead of painting, things were "collaged" onto them (the backside). It all looked so french and arty and shabby chic and I just loved it. That might be something to look into if you are artistically motivated but not into painting. Ebay has lots of "altered art" artists, you could do a search of altered art and get some good ideas for collaging. I hope whatever you end up doing, you post pictures for us to see! Congrats on your new treasure :-)

  • sydneydavis
    18 years ago

    I have one I am working on. It has a middle glass pane missing. I am using it long ways so it is 3 panes wide and two high. I have a romantic chic style bedroom so I am putting little treasures I have on it. I have a heart shaped china lid from a tiny jewelery type cantainer, it has the pink and burgandy roses on. I glued that it to the edges of a corner. I have a bird nest with a pink bird in that I am putting in the corner of the missing pane. I have some old gloves and hat that I will glue/staple on the top side and corner. I want to put some pearls in it. I have some vintage looking nickle knobs I was thinking about adding, or seeing about buying some old glass knobs. And I have some dried roses I thought would look nice. I did the post last week about cutting a china cup in half and had wanted to attach that to the window but do not know if that will work. I also have an old card with roses on it. My colors are the pinks and rose color so things I have in those colors are what I am adding to the window. As far as now I am just planning to stand it up on the back of the dresser. I keep tossing the idea back and forth of attaching some pretty vintage looking wrapping paper to a poster board and using that as a backing so all the goodies really show up but am not sure quite yet. The wrapping paper I have I am going to put on my closet doors [I have two double closets on one wall with sliding doors in both] to make them look like window panes like the old fashion doors with the 4 panes on top. Thought that would all tie in nicely. I did a flower arrangement this weekend for the room with roses and peones in the white, blush, pink and burgandy colors and when I finished my hands were so sore I had blisters from cutting the stems. I got the silk flowers at Hobby lobby and they are so nice but hard to cut. Anyway I did not get the rest of the stuff finished I wanted to do. I also got two rose garlands that I plan to add to a long stripe of fabric I have attached to my ceiling on the top of the bed. I want to add the garland to both sides of fabric like a canopy. I have the fabric up there now, just thougth the roses would be a nice touch. I have my bed in the corner of my room and the fabric I bought was so pretty I didn't want to cut it so I decided to put it up like the canopy to close off the empty corner and give it a pretty look. So these projects have just snowballed on me! LOL. I kind of get into OCD [obsessive-compulsive disorder] where I like one little rose I will end up having them everywhere!...Well this is probably more info that you wanted so will go. Let us know what you do..

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  • momsgirl2
    18 years ago

    have you thought about using drawers as the box part of the legs that screw on or use windows at each end. make shadow boxes to hang on the wall to display what-knots.
    shadow boxes with doll furniture.
    scenic photos behind them to look like false windows.

  • gingers_reflection
    18 years ago

    If you have ventured into mosaics or stained glass at all, window panes are awesome for "glass on glass" technique. Using translucent pieces of stained glass to make a design ( scrap or flat marbles) you adhere with silicone caulk. This permits the light to pass through the glass once glued. You can opt to grout the piece to make it a smooth surface..This contrast makes the translucent image "Pop" as the light goes through..

    Or leave as is if you want a lighter feeling panel... so long as little fingers won't be touching it. (glass edges)
    there are many postings under Stained glass and Glass on glass search in GW.

    I envy you !!!

    Go to (calamity_j)
    (she has beautiful stuff!) for great examples

  • iowajewel
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Wow........great ideas. I knew I posted at the right place!!!!!
    She gave me an assortment of sizes, so might try a couple of these over the next few months. I will print them out and save them with the windows so I don't forget them!!!!!!
    Thanks for all the input!!!!!!!

  • User
    18 years ago

    I needed a way to keep little feet from running off my patio into my little hosta/daylily garden, so I took a paned window (glass removed) and painted it the same color as my vinyl siding. I hung it between two ball-topped fence end-posts and hung mosaiced styrofoam balls in the pane areas:

    Then I needed a visual divider between my vegetable garden and collection of hostas so I took 3 windows (also removed the glass). I positioned them on their sides, hung beads and crystals in the center of each pane and attached them on the top and bottom with 2x4 for stability. They serve as a low wall:

  • iowajewel
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    Awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks not only for the ideas, but the great pictures!!!!!!!!!
    I love this idea!
    I have a place where I could put these outside.
    I got so many that I do try alot of different things and see what works best for me.
    Thank you everyone!!!!!!!

  • des_arc_ya_ya
    18 years ago

    Have seen several of these lately in antique shops - they use an old window with no panes of glass in it and have turned it into a display shelf for plates, etc. They build a shallow "box" type thing on the back of the window and the plates stand against the frame of the window itself. Saw one the other day painted white with just plain old cheap paneling painted white as the backing. Had green and white dishes displayed in it and it looked great! Gonna have to take my DH by to get the drift of how to make me one! LOL

  • luvs2click
    18 years ago

    I made message centers out of old windows with the glass removed. The one with flower pots/flowers hangs in my kitchen by the back door. It was only a 2 pane window. I bought a large bulletin board at WalMart, took the frame off it, and my husband cut it to size for the bottom pane (I turned the window sideways). Then he cut a piece of hardboard to fit the top pane. I used a piece of wallpaper border the right width, stuck it to the hardboard, and inserted into the top pane. I added key hooks, and a wire on the back for hanging. I love it.
    The one with deer is one I sold. It was a 6 pane window. I used pieces of the bulletin board (a large bulletin board will do several windows) and also cut pieces of a dry erase board to fit the other two holes. Also added key hooks again. I sold two of these at shows. Wish I could find more windows - sounds like a great score to me!

  • User
    18 years ago

    A wonderful friend sent me a box full of scrap stained glass, this is a WIP of an old window I am working on....


  • missrite1
    18 years ago

    Here's one I did for Valentine's day.
    I just taped a pattern behind the panes and painted with acrylic paints.

    Here is a link that might be useful: I have collected hundreds of pictures of ideas from the internet and placed them on my website

  • gjmancini
    18 years ago

    what about a cold frame for starting seedlings. 4 bales of straw in a square and the window pane on top. Extends the growing season.

  • Cheri_C
    18 years ago

    missrite 1, So that's your site, I just love it. You've got a great collection going. I have that saved in my favorites. Even have shared it with others. Thanks for putting it together for us.

  • jenfur427
    18 years ago

    I saw an episode on tv where they connected a few together with hinges, standing up in a zig zag pattern (like a smaller version of a room divider). Then they placed a rectangle of glass on top, and used it as a sofa table.

  • CraftingMomma
    18 years ago

    Here's one I did some decoupaging on. The roosters are scraps of a wallpaper border that I got as samples to try and match the room I was looking to wallpaper. The other panes are paperbags that were printed to look like old newspapers. I picked up a whole stack of them for $1 at a yard sale.


  • LorettaF
    18 years ago

    Here's an idea I saw and liked:

    Here is a link that might be useful: Window

  • iowajewel
    Original Author
    18 years ago

    AWESOME ideas!!!!!!!
    thanks for everyone's input. I will try to post some pictures when I get to them........but it might be awhile. Waiting for a bit warmer weather to work on them outside!!!

    THanks again........Julie

  • shiiizzzam
    18 years ago

    I used 4 windows (with glass) to make a corner shelf unit. I crackle/distressed painted the wooden frame area.

  • marilyn_c
    18 years ago

    I have an old primitive, wall hanging cupboard that has an old window for a door. I love the wavy glass in it.

    I just found an old house full of wavy glass windows. It is going to be torn down soon, and they said I could have the windows.
    Also, a nice set of side panels for a door. Now, if I can get my husband home long enough to go get them.

  • sistersunnie
    18 years ago

    I am green with envy! You go girl!

  • joyfulguy
    18 years ago

    Do you know someone who has a shed that needs more windows?

    Likely they'd be glad of some.

    Especially if they want to install a workbench along a wall that has no window currently.

    Just a thought.

    ole joyful

  • Calamity_J
    18 years ago

    I have seen them hung up on the ceiling horizontally to place a few plants on, a new hanging basket kinda idea.Jane

  • bluesbarby
    18 years ago

    In my last house my son's room didn't have a proper window. We took an old french door and hung it sideways on the wall after siliconing squares of mirror behind the glass. It reflected the light from a hall window right outside his door giving the illusion of a window. Really expanded the area too.

  • bcb77
    18 years ago

    Wanna share?? My husband and I love working with those windows! He made a shadowbox for me as a wedding gift from one: {{gwi:359840}}

    I had my bouquet split into three tussie mussies that we mounted in the back along with our best wedding pics. LOVE this!


    Here's another window we turned into a table. It has our wedding album inside. (Can ya tell we're semi-newlyweds?) :o)

    There's a ton of great ideas! I've seen window boxes attached to them and hung on a fence and planted.

    Great score!

  • kat4kittens2002
    18 years ago

    im not a painter either but this is what i did with an old window frame..painted it with watered down outdoor laytex paint and hung cds in some of the pains..i painted the label side of the cds different colors..when the sun shines on it and the wind blows what beautiful colors! i hung it from chain and attached it between 2 trees..i think i might paint some simple vines and leaves on it to give it more intrest

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • grittymitts
    18 years ago

    I cut up a lacy looking vinyl table cloth to look like two gathered panels (used staples to make gathers,) then tacked it to top of a window & hung it on the end of my shed.


  • rasslinmama
    17 years ago

    Hubby and I have made coffee tables and end tables out of windows-similar to the one bcb77 has shown. Ours were more rustic having the bottom of the box made from tongue-in-groove pine. They are a great showplace for mementos or items that go with your room decor.
    I also hung a 6 paned smaller one above my kitchen island. I lay battery operated small light strands on it and decorate it for the seasons. In the winter I use fake snow and maybe a ski mask. For summer, it'll be flower seed packets and petals. For special occasions, it gets decorated accordingly.

  • brendacassell
    17 years ago

    An idea i seen on tv a while back was to hang it from the
    ceiling by each corner and place different size candles on
    the top of the glass. A candalier. Probably be safer
    hanging on a patio or from a tree in the garden.

  • des_arc_ya_ya
    17 years ago

    Duh! Forgot about my cabinet I have in the dining room. It is made partially from old windows. Overlook all the junk in and around it. It wasn't "company ready" when I took the photo! LOL

    17 years ago

    Though a repeat from another site, this is what I did
    with a few:

    An old wooden framed window, a few sheets of glass, clear
    caulk and a glass cutter are the basic tools you will need.

    Simply remove the clear glass panes (if present) from the window.
    These will provide great templates for your colored glass.
    If there are no existing clear glass panels, a cardboard template
    will work wonders. If you purchased a multi-pane window, never
    assume all of the panes are the same size. Simply cut the stained
    glass to fit into the sections of the window.

    You would be amazed at how easy it is to cut glass, though
    I do suggest using a pistol grip cutter and not the typical cutter
    one can find at any hardware store.

    You can find easily find someone who has cut
    glass and will be happy to show you. My husband is actually the
    one who showed me, and on the second try I had it down pat.

    Simply cut the panels to fit the windows, use clear caulk
    to seal them in, and wa-la! Inexpensive first try at working with
    stained glass. Very simple, basic, easy to do and colorful!

    You can use all the same colored glass if you wish, or mix them
    up. I used various colors in one of my first projects, an assortment
    of various clear colors I had in the glass supply box. I have numerous
    thin strips of stained glass which I have in mind for another window
    created with these strips. In stripes. I'll simply cut small pieces of
    wood to go between the strips of glass.

    Though I have a few panes left to fill in (waiting for the right
    colors to show up at the craft store) this gives a basic idea of
    what I'm talking about.


    (copyright from another site, but this is my picture)

    Recently I found old wooden windows with many tiny windows, but
    have yet to begin that project.

    We live in the country, so this particular window set did not get
    the full treatment of sanding the windows, painting them, etc. I was
    going for the "Trash to treasure" feel. The picture I'm showing was
    taken in the shade, but you should see the colors when the sun
    sets on the windows!


    Here is a link that might be useful: {{!gwi}}

  • scarlett2001
    17 years ago

    Remember when you hang these up- they are usually very heavy so find a stud in the wall to pound the nails into.

    I have seen a nice chalk board memo made by painting a masonite board with the chalk board paint and then backing a 6 pane window with it. You have a section for Monday through Friday, with Sat/Sun sharing a pane.

    If you want a cottage look, shir an old piece of lace onto the back of the window, like a curtain, then on the front, attach some nice silk flowers, grapevine
    or other vines, as though they were growing partly over the window panes. I crackle painted the wood of the window to give it an even more vintage look.

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