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Trim/Siding Paint Color for 60s Brick Ranch

9 years ago

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great information on the site, this is the first time I am making a post. We are the midst of doing cosmetic remodeling on a 1960s ranch, and trying to keep some of the original elements.

I am looking for advice on the window trim and siding color to coordinate with the facade of dark brown and gold brick with weeping mortar- not my favorite but we are going to keep it. The soffits/gutters are dark brown. At some point they painted all the window trim and siding around the house(that you can't see in the picture) all in a harvest gold. They picked out one of the colors in the brick, but its not pretty and I'm pretty sure it wasn't original. I'm afraid of painting all the trim brown as it would just be too dark.

A decorator recommended BM Navajo White for the trim around the windows, and BM Davenport Tan for the siding and to keep the brown on the doors/shutters (because we are keeping the garage door for now as its relatively new).

I am posting because I just can't find a good dark brown and I would love some additional opinions on the other colors-- does it really make sense to paint around the windows such a light color? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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