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I need a soffit that won't drive me crazy

12 years ago

Hate soffits. Hate them. Nevertheless, my GC informed me this morning that I would need one to vent the hood to the outside. We pushed the back wall out 3' and now there's a giant steel beam running perpendicular to where the duct would go. Can't go up into the attic and the wall where the hood goes is full of plumbing so there's not anywhere else to put it.

My dream, of course, was to have that wall very open and airy, using only shelving and plate racks. Any ideas on creative soffitry? I think we need an 8" duct; haven't ordered it yet but I think we are going with a ModernAire insert with 1200 cfm although we could get away with 1000.

I was thinking maybe we could build it outward 24", encase it in wood painted to match the walls and run lights in it and hang pots and pans from it; I was planning to hang pots on that wall anyway. But that's all I've got. I really REALLY don't want upper cabs on that wall.

Anyone have a different idea? Or pictures (boxerpups pleeeeeeez????)?

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