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Stripping Lacquer off of Brass Kitchen Faucet

10 years ago

I love the look of unlacquered brass. We are finishing up a guest house and I want to put an un-lacquered brass facet in the kitchen.
Several high dollar faucets are available without lacquer - out of my budget.
I am looking to purchase a mid-range price faucet and strip off the lacquer. However, as much as I can find people talking about doing this and instructions for doing this, I have never seen it actually done. No one has ever posted an actual example, as well as talked about living with it.

I am looking at the Cifial two-handle bridge kitchen faucet in PVD lifetime brass. (I don't know what pvd means?) I am wondering if the $350 faucets are built well enough to withstand the unprotected state - if I am using it daily and occasionally polishing it, is the brass thick enough? I am assuming it is not solid brass throughout? I have no idea.

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