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Contrasting inset to trim a wood or other floor?

13 years ago

I like the look of a band of contrasting floor running parallel to the walls of a room about a foot from the walls. DH wants to try it. But I'm not sure exactly what to do in a G kitchen. Would it look good or hostile if there were a contrasting rectangle of walnut or something inside the G, crossing through the opening to the G? DH doesn't want the old and new kitchens to seem separate.

The new DIY floor will be in the addition section of the kitchen as well as in most of the old kitchen. In an interior doorway it will butt up against an existing oak floor in the balance of the house. (I wanted the whole old kitchen to be porcelain tiled to match the new lobby because of the amount of foot traffic on it, but I've been overruled.)

The addition meets the old kitchen along the short side of the G. The old kitchen is becoming a "kitchen hall" linking new a new lobby area with the kitchen and with two entrances to the interior of the house. Kitchen hall includes stools and a small breakfast table and a pantry closet and a bookcase. We think the entrance to the G is wide enough to not be a bottleneck, but I don't want a visual barrier either.

In the photo, green is tile and red is oak. Before looking at photo, just remember that my original house was designed by a drunken committee of men in 1951.

Am also curious as to whether rugs lying upon a band of trim would be a terrible violation of the aesthetic. I have to have a cushion for legs when standing and I foresee a rug by range and by double sink and perhaps to the right of the small sink when chopping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Florantha's kitchen plan

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