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introducing wood flooring with pre-existing wood trims

8 years ago

We recently moved into a home built in 1998, with carpet throughout (very stained and it has to go). We live in South Lake Tahoe, and with rustic outdoors, snow in winter, etc., carpet doesn't seem practical for bathrooms (yes, they are carpeted...yuck), hall/main living area/entryway, and dining (yes again). We're considering hardwood floors throughout. The challenge is ALL the door frames and baseboards are stained hardwood and in fairly good condition. Do we try to match flooring to those - too matchy-matchy? Put in contrasting flooring, which then we have new floors and older doorframes/baseboards? Or do we paint all the doorframes and all the baseboards and and get the flooring we want? Pros/cons/other suggestions? THANKS!

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