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Color help needed - I'm ready to tear my hair out!

13 years ago

I need ideas for cabinet colors, island colors and the countertop. The kitchen finishes for our new build are due soon and I am utterly lost. My dream kitchen is dramatically different from DH's, so we've been kicking around happy-medium ideas for several months now. Recently, we eliminated the *one* idea we mutually agreed on because I had major cold feet about the dramatic cabinet color. (That choice was espresso cabinets with white-gray countertops -- similar to kitchenaddict's.)

I've totally lost steam -- and creativity -- about how to pull off a great-looking kitchen that matches BOTH our tastes, plus our budget. I need ideas (and pictures)!

Here are the parameters:

1. We're picking the granite first because we have the fewest options for that part. Our budget allows for Level 1 or Level 2 granite. I'd prefer a light- to medium-colored countertop if possible. Unfortunately, our area doesn't have an abundance of granite choices.

2. We're leaning toward a mid-range to dark-colored wood stain, possibly with a painted island. (A compromise since I LOVE painted cabs and DH much prefers stained.)

I like clean, simple lines and want a space that is inviting and warm but NOT formal. The kitchen opens up to the living room, which has a stone fireplace with tones of slate, blue, olive and rust. I don't want the kitchen to look *too* rustic, but it needs to coordinate in some way.

Bless you if you've made it this far. :)

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