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Started tearing out the other side of the kitchen. I'm waffling!

11 years ago

My first and favorite inspiration picture was this.

But since the wall dividing our kitchen and living room is a load bearing, that meant a beam and I didn't want a keyhole look. Also, dh didn't want to take the whole wall down to put up a beam. Dh & I pulled all the appliances and cabinets over the weekend, and I started pulling sheetrock today. And guess what? There is already a beam! It goes from arrow to arrow in this picture.


You can see that they had a pass-through window at one point. Odd. Glad that is gone.

I was also concerned that the view from the living room would just be of the refrigerator and freezer, but with the sheetrock removed so far, you can't even see the appliances unless you are next to the fireplace.

Then I saw this picture today on Kitchens and thought it didn't look like a keyhole at all.

Traditional Kitchen design by Dallas Interior Designer Emily Johnston Larkin

Dh thinks that is because their ceiling so so much higher, and that's probably part of it, but I think part is because the opening is so dramatic. Anyway, I'm rethinking the more open concept now. What do you think? Stick with the plan or open it more?

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