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How to get rid of the STEPMOM

12 years ago

My dad remarried about 4 years ago. My mom passed away 5 years ago. The problem is I and my husband dont care for her. My dad moved her into our home that my mom shared with my dad. He isnt my real father but he is my dad since I was 2 . my 2 brothers and my sister act nice to her in front of her face but they dont like the fact that my dad moved another woman into the home. My dad has alot of photos of all of us being a family and alot of photos of my mom in the living room i heard my dad ask her if the pictures bothered her she said no not at all. I was waiting foe her to say that she didnt want them up i was going to go off on her. I told her one time why dont you rent the place across the street. She wouldnt say anything. we dont want her taking away anything that belongs to us kids. its not hers. even my husband has gone to her and told her alot of lies and we told her if she said anything to my dad we would deny it. that my dad would always take our side.. how can we get rid of her. shes a wimp

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