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Raccoons getting in my garden!! How to get rid of them?

6 years ago

Has anyone ever had raccoon problems?
I have a really bad raccoon problem in my neighborhood and I just don’t know how to make them go away. They ransack my garbage worse than crows do and they freak me out. Just the other night when I was coming home, a raccoon pushed past me after sniffling through some garbage I left outside. I think we were both equally scared! Anyway, it’s been really bad. One of my neighbors had a family of raccoons live in their shed. She didn’t want to evacuate them because they had babies. I had never seen such a disgusting amount of poop in my life when we walked in there. It smelled strongly of raccoon. They tore down that shed when the babies grew up.
My last straw was when they destroyed my garden. I built a square foot garden and grew a beautiful crop of corn. I woke up one morning to find stalks and half-gnawed corn everywhere. That was it!
I’ve heard that raccoons have the same tastebuds as humans do, so that probably explains their penchant for going through our garbage and garden.
Does anyone here have any suggestions for how to get rid of raccoons? I would really appreciate it!

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