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photo of room with TV on wall next to fireplace?

15 years ago

Here is a photo of our family room from h*[):

We have temporary furniture in it right now, including a large TV in that built-in. (Please don't suggest putting the TV above the fireplace.) Unfortunately I can't post photos right now because we're still having computer problems. I think I've finally found a comfy chair for DH, but I'm hesitant to buy the chair until I know what else is going in that room.

I need to figure out how to maximize seating for TV viewing, without blocking the fireplace, doors or walk-ways. The furniture needs to be floated but I have no idea how. And as you can probably tell from the photo, it's not the largest room. Probably 15 x 17 including the walk-way clearances.

If anyone has a photo of a room with two focal points on adjacent walls, I would dearly love to see them. Magazine spreads seem to ignore TVs, so they're almost no help. Thanks tons for reading this far!

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