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CB Advanced Soy Help

10 years ago

Hi there,
I am new to candle making and having some problems with fragrance. The candles smell very good when cold, but when I light them up they are not very strong. My melts are strong and pretty much make the whole house smell great. I would like some help and advice please on how to get a better scent throw from my burning candles.

The wicks I use are a flat braid braid textile cotton made by a proper candle supplier. Previously I used the htp wicks but did not like the mushroom effect and they burnt a bit sooty. Since using the cotton ones, no more soot and flickering which is what I wanted to achieve. Now to sort out the Scent problem. Before ny hair goes grayer! lol

I made my candle in a Mosaic container -Height 7 x 7.5 W x 6 Top suggested wick size - 6.7. Happy with the melt pool reaches each side and the flame is nice and stable no flickering, no sooting.

I melted 200 grams of the CB Advanced Soy to 65* c ( 150 Fahrenheit ) took it off the heat ( use a double boiler method ) added my Liquid Dye only 1 drop for a light pink colour mixed the dye in until all dissolved. Then let the wax drop to 60*c ( 140 Fahrenheit ) then add my FO - I did a 10% loading which was 20mls of Fragrance Oil. Stir going around 20 times one way and then 20 times the other way, then wait for the wax to drop to about 50* c ( 122 Fahrenheit ) one last stir then I pour into my jar that' has been pre-heating in the oven... not too hot as I can touch it and take it out of the oven.

When I heat the wax at a higher temperature I get small vein like white lines on the tops of my candles, sometimes around the bottom edge around the jar. So that's why I dropped the melt temp to 65* c instead of 70* c. I still get the white lines but a little bit less. I am not sure what's causing this and would greatly appreciate lots and lots of help! :-)

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