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No throw soy candles - FRUSTRATED!

16 years ago

I've gone out and bought all of the correct equipment and supplies to make candles and they have turned out beautiful ... as have my tarts. One problem ... THE CANDLES HAVE NO THROW! None! My tarts smell great ... candles ... nada!


1 lb. EcoSoya CB 135 Soy Wax

1.8 oz FO

Dye color

7 & 11 ounce tureen jars

6" Cotton Core Wicks (1 in the 7oz, 2 in the 11oz)

I was melting my wax at 155 (according to the suppliers web site) but I'm going to try it hotter. I've also let them "cure" for 3 days. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. I'm about to pull all of my hair out.

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