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Candle making - Soy Wax vs. Paraffin?

16 years ago

I just started a new hobby "candle making " and trying to learn about the different waxes. I been reading so much about how Soy is so much better then paraffin - burns cooler, cleaner,longer...... etc. BUT to my SURPRISE I just found out that "Party Lites Candles" are 100% PARAFFIN and my opinion P L are still the best candles ever made. I have not seen a candle yet that burns "cleaner and longer" They virtually leave no residue. I love them, I just wish they were higher scented.

Anyhow how come so many people are saying soy burns longer and cleaner? NO WAY! Maybe cleaner for "the environment" I can believe that. And I'm convinced that P L is still the most selling candle there is and yet it is Paraffin.....

So far I have poured 3 batches of candles ( 3 different types of Soy) with poor results :-( I know it's a lot of trial and error - but I think the next batch I'll try paraffin!

7 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.

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