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Adults estranged from parents

10 years ago

Hi, i am new to this forum but am glad that i found it ,i was reading some of the post's by others who are estranged from there parent's as well.Sometimes it does feel like no one understands why i would choose to remove myself out of my parents lives but they should not judge unless they know the reason's why.I just could not take the emotional abuse any longer from either of my parent's or should i say mother & ''step- monster'' of a father .My mother left my real father when i was just a baby.And then met this man who has made my life a living nightmare .My stepfather treated me poorly once i hit my teen's i feel like it was never his place to disipline me & my mother never stepped in and said anything she just allowed it.His idea of disipline was to hit me with the mettle part of a belt of through objects at me .And when i was 13 yrs. i got caught shoplifting something and when i got home both parent's came to the conclusion that i was possessed & started praying that the demond would leave me they are major religious freak's.Then when i was 16 yrs. i ended up pregnant and they made me give up my baby i had no say in the matter.It was supposed to be an open adoption where the adoptive parent's would send pictures and letter's & they did but my mother kept all of them and wouldn't let me have them. After i had my baby she told me to move out and go live with my alcoholic father who i had only met a handful of times.A few years later i married the man who had gotten me pregnant at 16 which was what he & i wanted all along and to keep our baby.Anyway i started talking to my mother because i was getting married and wanted her to be apart of it everything was fine we went dress shopping together.After the wedding i said i wanted my wedding dress and she told me since she payed for it she was keeping it and even told me she let her friend try it on.Fast-forword to today my step father owns his own buissness and hired everyone in our family my uncle & stepfather's own son's but not my husband it's hard not to take that personal.Stepfather said he was happy when my husband lost his job and was laughing about it.My mother is the one who told me and she just go's along with it.She has never stuck up for me and i am just tired of all of there emotional abuse that is why i had to cut them out of my life but just because i choose that it is still painful i still struggle with my choice and at times feel guilty.Sorry for the long life story but i just had to get it off my chest .Any words of wisdom would be great to hear.

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