What type of scrapbook do i need?


My son is a junior in high school. This summer I plan to organize our pictures, memento's from activities that he has been involved in over the years, and newspaper clippings. I want to create some sort of scrapbook for him. I also want him to be able to add to it in the years to come. I will be adding descriptions to the pictures, and that's about it.

What type of book would you recommend using? Also can you recommend sites or books that can give me an idea on how to lay out the material, and add descriptions. I also have no idea what supplies I'm going to need.

I greatly appreciate your help, resources, and any inspiration.

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You can type in scrapbooking for ideas, go to a big Walmart, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's Fabrics contact someone who sells for Creative Circles, or the other ones who do home shows. That is the best/easiest way to go.

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I agree just go to Michaels ro Joanns or some other craft store and check out the magazines they have on scrapbooking. There are plenty of ideas on layouts there and on the web...You can purchase a scrpbook, with a few pages, get some more pages that fit the scrapbook you are buying so you can add them as you need them.

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If you have many different mediums and a lot of pictures, an easy but great way to go is with a d-ring album (I recommend American Crafts and you can buy those at Hobby Lobby... watch for them at 50% off!) then purchase photo page inserts (either vertical or horizontal or both!) and then you don't have to scrapbook ALL of the photos... maybe just scrap a few of them and then all corresponding or similar photos can just be tucked into to the photo page sleeves (like a regular photo album).

I did this with my "year in the life" album. I have 4x6 photo pages - both horizontal and vertical - intermixed with 12x12 scrapbook pages and even some 8 1/2x11 scrapbook pages just for fun! If you go with a D-ring album, ANY 3-hole page protector will be able to be easily inserted where ever you feel it needs to go! There should be PLENTY of room left over if your son wishes to add to it later.


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