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Hi everyone..... new honesty story

19 years ago

Hello everyone. I am 31 and live in Arkansas. Wanted to post this, as you might get a laugh.

I recently reactivated my online personal. Well, this guy emails me and then instant messages me. All is going well, then I receive THE PHOTO. Bad teeth, hair, I mean the thing just screamed lech to me really. Just no one I would be interested in looking at in person anytime soon, much less in the a.m. everyday. Anyway, he told me he had a daughter, yada yada. He wanted to know if we could continue. I said I was not sure that we were compatible, and instantly he got offended. He wanted to know just HOW could I know after a short conversation?

Well, rather than comment about his looks, I said I was looking for someone who wanted to have kids for the first time and could do so with me. I mean, no need to hurt his feelings needlessly, and that is pretty much true, anyway. His response? Yeah, good luck with that at 31. (Talking about my age.)

LOL. Cracks me up, and reminds me why I don't like the "personals." I am sure he thinks of himself as a "sensitive" guy, too.


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