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Hi I am new to scrapbooking and would like any advise that you could give me on starting this hobbie. I have a few things to use for my pages, stickers, tags, things like that. My neighbor has a die cutter and has given me some cut outs, and i would like some advise on how to do page layouts. ANY advise would be greatful.

Thank you

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Hi, greeneyed,

I also am new at this hobby. I have found that there are a lot of web pages available to help. And many have free stuff to print out. I like this one:

If you look in the Galleries, you willget lots of ideas.

Also, you can try googling SCRAPBOOKING under images. Lots there - and you can chose which web page to open according to which image looks good.

Good luck.


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Scrap booking is an interesting hobby just choose the materials which you think works best for you. When buying materials for scrap booking chose the materials that are acid free.

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Do you belong to Facebook? If so there are many scrapbooking groups on there specifically for exchanging ideas and everyone uploads their pages to the group for others to see and get ideas from. You should just be able to do a search for scrapbooking groups and see what comes up, I belong to too many to count... I also have a group myself, Tamela's Scrapbooking Divas, you should be able to find it by name. I do digital scrapping but the principal is the same as far as layouts and you might get good ideas there. A great deal of what I do digitally could be done the traditional or paper way.
Good luck!
Tamela (Tammy) Gillespie

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There are many ways to do a page. You can decorate with paper, rubber stamps, ticket stubs, etc. As long as the pictures are well-preserved and shown in a sequence that makes sense to you, there is no wrong way to do this.

Personally, I like to put the pictures in first and then add rubber stamps, and some hand-written description of what is going on in the pictures.

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Try picking out things that you like. Don't be afraid to buy more expensive tools, if it is something you will use frequently, buying one that will be reliable is always best. See if there is a scrapbook store near you. One that I was a frequenter of, had tables set out for people to use. This was so helpful! You can get ideas by seeing and talking to fellow scrapbookers, and alot of times, if you buy paper or things of this nature in bulk, people will only need so many of a certain style, so trading is done too. Also people that try out new tools, that they didn't like particularly you can trade or buy for cheap. Most importantly HAVE FUN!

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