Bunn coffee makers and electric $$$'s

It is my understanding, that Bunn coffee makers are really quick at making a drip pot of coffee. I think the trick to it is that there must constantly be water in the reservoir, and it is kept heated, ready for you to make a daily (or weekly) pot, whatever the case may be.

Knowing that the home electric hot water heater is one of the biggest consumers of electricity, I would think it would be quite expensive to have the afforded luxury of a pot of coffee in 3 minutes (Bunn)instead of say 8 or ten minutes, for the other drip makers.

I just checked the directions for my drip coffee maker (Black and Decker) and it says to use cold water.

What are your thoughts on BUNN energywise? If you wouldn't use it for a few days, it seems the water would maybe evaporate would you ever know?


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